Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does your formula have 5 mgs. of melatonin?

Answer: We divided the 5 mgs. of melatonin into 2 capsules with 2.5 mgs per capsule so that those who are smaller in stature may choose to only need 1 capsule. Doses in the 1 mg to 5 mg range are regarded be safe and effective, as these doses produce blood levels higher than the usual nighttime peaks and should effectively support healthy sleep.

What is the advantage to taking a supplement in capsules opposed to tablets?

Answer: Capsules are designed to dissolve within minutes of swallowing and delivery their ingredients all at once, tablet take longer to dissolve than capsules.  Capsules more likely to hide the taste, or smell of the ingredients as a result most people find capsules a lot easier to swallow.

Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?

Answer: At this time we ship only within the USA and Canada.

Can I take prescription medication with Athea Sleep and Stress formula?

Answer: We recommend you talk to your Health Care Provider regarding any prescription medications your taking.

Is your formula all natural? 

Answer: Our formula is all natural, odorless, encapsulated in a veggie capsule, with no artificial fillers or inactive ingredients, no GMO (genetically modified foods), no gluten, no artificial colors, and is produced in the USA.

Why is your formula better than other sleep formulas?

Answer: The answer will require you to do a little homework, we ask you to compare our ingredients and our price with any of our competitors and the old adage “You get what you pay for” will never be more glaring.

What is the lot number on the bottom of the bottle for?

Answer: The formula is effective for two years past the manufactures date stamped on the bottle. The lot number allows us and any governing agency to pin point exactly where and when that specific bottle was manufactured. We are dedicated in making the very best product, a product you can trust.

How old should you be to take Athea Sleep and Stress formula?

Answer: Although we have medical professionals within the company it would be inappropriate to give any specific recommendation. We do however; recommend you consult with your Health Care Provider.

How do I store Athea Sleep and Stress formula?

Answer: Store in a cool, dry place.

Can I buy your product in Health Stores?

Answer: Not at this time we are concentrating on a more specific group of consumer. It is our goal to provide our market the very best ingredients at the very best price, with that said the answer is NO; we are not selling our product in any “Big box” store.

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